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Posted By: Amos
09-Jan-06 - 08:37 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Bigfoot fever erupted last month when some fish farm workers claimed to have spotted three of the beasts -- two adults and a youngster -- on the edge of a forest reserve in southern Johor state.

Their improbable tale was lent some authority soon after when an Orang Asli -- an indigenous ethnic group known for their expertise in the jungle -- also said he had stumbled across one of the legendary ape-men.

"He saw the creature which was hairy and brownish in colour, it was about 12 feet (four metres) tall," said Johor National Parks director Hashim Yusoff.

"It was not aggressive, but the Orang Asli was startled by the creature and ran away.

"My personal feeling is that there is a possibility it could be what we call in Malaysia the 'mawas' ... more of a primate," he said. "But we don't deny the sightings," he added, insisting that the Orang Asli "do not lie."

"We've got to prove it and we've got to do it scientifically."

Wildlife authorities have embarked on a quest to verify the claims, and are considering mounting camera traps to capture images of anything roaming the jungles.


Man, this is the week that WAS. Hyperdrive and Bigfoot in ONE WEEK!!! Wowwwwwww.