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Posted By: Jon W.
21-Nov-97 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: Attn: Jews Harp Players
Subject: RE: Attn: Jews Harp Players
This whole thread has inspired me so much I couldn't help jotting down the following (semi-)true story:

Jon Whitney

Way back in the summer of Seventy Two,
O'Rourke and I bought a Jew's harp or two.
We learned how to play 'em in five or ten minutes,
Spent the rest of the summer driving our friend nuts.

We loaded up thirteen Explorers or so
In a Dodge Maxi Van, went to Old Mexico.
We entertained them with Ina-gadda-da-vida,
As they scarfed down Fritos and pop by the liter.

We played it so long that our fingers turned blue,
And we couldn't keep rhythm while dodging their shoes.
We put away our Jew's harps and tried learning guitars,
And drove ourselves nuts with those chords they call "Barres."

My apologies, that was truly dreadful.