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Posted By: Abby Sale
13-Jan-06 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: happy? – Jan 13 (beware of pretzels)
Subject: happy? – Jan 13 (beware of pretzels)
President Dubya Bush faints after choking on a pretzel while watching Sunday TV football, 1/13/2001.
Seems that continuously watching football & eating pretzels can be deadly dangerous. Be careful out there, friends.

By James Gerstenzang and Thomas H. Maugh II | Los Angeles Times Staff Writers . Posted January 14, 2002

        George W.'s met his match at last.
        It's not a wild-eyed liberal,
        Nor terrorist vile, nor media blast.
        The Prez was laid low by the Pretzel!

                "A Twist of Fate", by Helen P.

        Don't cheer for your football team,
        With pretzels in your mouth,
           Pretzels in your mouth,
           Pretzels in your mouth.
        Don't cheer for your football team,
           With pretzels in your mouth,
        Or you just might pass out.

                "Pretzels in Your Mouth," Tune: "Don't Sit Under the
                Apple Tree with Anybody Else," Words: © David Rintoul 2002

ALSO: (Nothing new in the world, is there?)
Been done 300 years ago. From a broadside in the Bodleian Library:

         Strange and Wonderful News from NEWBERRY:
concerning a Youth that was Choak'd by Eating of Custard
            Being a New Ballad to that New Tune,
       called "God Prosper long our Noble King, &c."

Let Totnam Court and Islington,
   and Paddington also,
Attend with Lamentation,
   unto a tale of woe.

Although 'tis strange, 'tis true, no doubt,
   there's nothing can be newer,
It is into the News-book put,
   there's nothing can be truer.

Of many terrible sorts of Death,
   you have often heard I wis,
But never heard in all my life,
   by such a cause as this.

At Newberry, that fatal place,
   where many a man was Mustur'd,
And lost his Life, O there it was,
   a Youth was choked with Custard.

                [Thanx Jack Campin]

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