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Posted By: GUEST,The Knowledge Guy
17-Jan-06 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
No, Bee-dubya-ell, it works like this:

When a worker arrives for work in the morning he isn't issued just one nine-pound hammer. He's issued a whole dump-truck load of them. Then he pounds nine times with each one, passing the pounded-out hammer to his caddy who hands him a fresh one. This goes on until the entire truckload of hammers has been pounded out. By then it's time for lunch break so the caddy turns the hammers back in and gets a fresh load for the afternoon shift. When that load's pounded out the workday's over for the pounder and his caddy.

Then the guys who work the evening-shift in the toolshed take over. They load the pounded out hammers onto a conveyor belt which sends them into a pressurized chamber where fresh pounds are squeezed into them. It is a very exacting process since it is very important that no more than nine pounds be squeezed into a nine-pound hammer. Horrible explosions have been known to occur when workers have pounded with overloaded hammers.