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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
19-Jan-06 - 05:45 AM
Thread Name: owl song by big al whittle
Subject: RE: owl song by big al whittle
It's not that I don't care about the past Al.
Perhaps I care too much about it. I was brought up by an old lady born in the 1880's. her tummy was a mass of bumps - where her stomach had been ruptured - from the time she had been worked like an animal when she was a child. She was my grandmother. her sister came and stopped with us - I think it was my mother's dream to reunite the two sisters and let them live together with us. But we couldn't afford it.

anyway my grandmother's sister had been born in in the 1850's. she was in an old people's home that still bore strong traces of being a workhouse. One morning, my mother gave her egg and bacon for breakfast - and she'd never had that before. at no point in her life had she been affluent enough to afford both an egg AND bacon together.

All I'm saying is I don't hear the voices of people like this in what passes for English Folksong. I'm not sure it would be a comfortable experience if you did hear their voices.

Either way, it doesn't seem to have much to do with me and there are things about being alive now that need expressing. And if my grandparents weren't worth singing about. And my experiences count for nothing – just who the hell is this folksong movement for – apart from a few very obvious showbiz beneficiaries.

thankyou for the time you have spent listening to the song and writing about it. I do appreciate it very much.

thankyou Alan.