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Posted By: Allan C.
19-Jan-06 - 05:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where do you get your news ?
Subject: RE: BS: Where do you get your news ?
I get mine by word of mouth and here at the Mudcat. I haven't subscribed to a newspaper for many decades. My main governing thought about most newspapers is that in order to subscribe to them you should first have a good fireplace or woodstove. Despite the attitude about newspapers, (and magazines, I might add,) I doubt I am any less informed about most of the important issues than anyone else. After all, if something important is afoot there will ivariably be someone from whom I will learn all about it. My favorite of these is the person who approaches and gasps, "Did you hear about what they're doing to the Truncated Tanglemouthed Topiary?" or "Guess what Baliacci did this week?" And then, not really caring what my answer might be or whether I indicate any interest whatsoever, they emit periodless sentences, the length of which would make any filibusterer proud, on (or approximately on) the subject. These people rarely travel in pairs or packs and yet a substatiation or refutation invariably fills the air soon thereafter from some formerly unrecognized quarter. As soon as the discussion between these folks is going at a brisk pace, I usually manage to make my exit, unnoticed. Of course this last part is much easier to accomplish here at the Mudcat.

News? Frankly, I believe that it is generally true that there are much better ways to spend your time than to contemplate the soothsayers of politics or the armchair generals of sports.

But that's just me.