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Posted By: Jeri
19-Jan-06 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: TT Getaway Nov. 3-6, 2006
Subject: RE: TT Getaway 2006
I did this earlier, then Mudcat went away

And now, 'the man' is near
And so I face expurgation
My breath betrays me, and it's clear
My state's not caused by medication

Give me a mint to hide the stench
Or they'll show me to the highway
But my booze is safe, for though I drink
I do it slyly

Shots, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I just took what e'er was poured
And tossed them back without contention

I planned...I schemed, I plotted
To get mellow, not get potted
But my booze is safe, for when I drink
I do it slyly

For what is a man, what has he got
If not some sense, then he gets caught
To drink and still remain couth
If you're not Mills, DON'T DRINK VERMOUTH!
You can drink whisky, beer and wine
Don't get stupid, and you'll find
If brains you use, you can drink booze
Just do it slyly.

(The other verses scream to be included. There's the one about 'spitt it out', about laughing and crying and having 'my fill'. They'll probably quiet down after a while but I may come back to them.)

*See the thread about Paul Mills's new CD, or ignore the reference.