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Posted By: Peg
19-Jan-00 - 11:08 AM
Thread Name: Singing in a dome
Subject: RE: Singing in a dome
Every year at Brushwood Folklore Center, in July, there is a big gathering called Starwood. They erect this temporary structure called the Puffer Dome. It is basically a big canvas dome that is kept aloft with a generator that blows air into it. When one enters or leaves the dome it deflates slightly until it is sealed again. It is set up on the grass so it is not as claustrophobic as you'd think.

I performed in the dome two summers ago with Green Crown; we did a midnight concert. The acoustics?

Very spooky and weird.

You could be standing with the band playing and hear a whispered conversation on the other side of the dome twenty feet away. In certain spots near the center, you could swear sounds were being beamed through your brain from all other spots you could hear things five feet away from you better than you could hear your own voice...our concert was basically a three hour jam session and the strangeness of the acoustics allowed some songs to become very trance-inducing and otherworldy...

needless to say, many attendees of concerts in the Puffer Dome find a dose of Mother Nature's hallucinogens or happy herbs greatly enhances the experience...