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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
21-Jan-06 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Where do you get your news ?
Subject: RE: BS: Where do you get your news ?
I get most of my news from 3 radio stations run by the non-commerical Government funded Australian Broadcasting Commission
Our national broadcaster
Local Radio & Radio National & sometimes Newsradio, but the reception is not so good here for Newsradio.If I had a TV I'd also watch ABC. I also occasionaly get news from the ABC & BBC websites when there is something big happening, like the bombings in London last year.

Every weekday I skim thru our reputable broadsheet Sydney Morning Herald as we get it at work. If any colleague has the tabloid scandalsheet The Telecrap (no link there, cos you wouldn't want to waste your time looking at it) I skim thru cos it has Dilbert and a few other great comic strips.

Sunday I buy both the Sun Herald & sunday telecrap mainly for the cartoons & colour magazines.

I also get current news here. Mudcatters are a great source of what's going on in their area & further afield (London bombing again, Katrina ...)

Another source is back & occasionally current issues of Vanity Fair which I borrow from my local library.


The Greens have a great bumper sticker "Is that the truth or did you read it in the Telegraph?"