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Posted By: GUEST,Boab
21-Jan-06 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where do you get your news ?
Subject: RE: BS: Where do you get your news ?
I don't believe there are any televised news sources which are completely free of influences which result in "slanted" reporting and/or editorialising. [North American "news" programmes are notorious for this---two [apparently empty] talking heads, usually one male, one female, yittering back and forth making trivia out of even the most serious of issues]. With the exception of BBC World News, even BBC is sinking into this asinine habit---and I have noted , since the Iraq-Kelly spat with Tory Blair,a seeming tendency to slanting news to conform with current propaganda requirements.
So---BBC World, the CBC [even given its harmless parochialism]
News papers--all online. I can think of no other country so poorly served in the matter of national press as is Canada!
The Scottish Herald.
The Sunday Herald.
The Independent
The Times of India
The New York Times
The Guardian
Once a year, maybe,Rupert Murdoch's "Sun"--just checking to see if it might perchance have progressed upward from the gutter to the side walk.