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Posted By: Nancy King
21-Jan-06 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: TT Getaway Nov. 3-6, 2006
Subject: RE: TT Getaway 2006
Charmion, I hope it works out so you can come to the Getaway, though a trip to England does sound great.

And I agree with you that alcohol is the least important part of having a good time at the Getaway. The point is the music and the people, and if alcohol eases that, fine (as long as we're discreet...). But we are NOT encouraging folks to get drunk. I'm a bit concerned that some folks who previously have been happy with beer may end up guzzling the hard stuff simply because it's easier to carry around. As Ranger1 notes, creativity is all.

Now, having said that, I gotta make sure I have a couple of empty grape juice bottles to decant my wine into...