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Posted By: Severn
22-Jan-06 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: TT Getaway Nov. 3-6, 2006
Subject: RE: Get Away With Bootlegging 2006
Is our annual pilgrimage turning into "Decanter Buried Tales"?

If we designate one of the workshops "Faith IN Our Father's Living Still", will they leave us alone, assuming we're supposedly performing hymns? Or maybe ones called "Reports From The Bottlefront", or "In Flask Company" might prove decent covers.

....Maybe some other "workshop" names will come up, too, but I'll be there wet or dry, intoxicated by music and friendship and try to deal the best I can with the existing climate. (Hell, easy for a Maryland boy to say....)

....Meanwhile, I have an LP from 1972 by an official student choral group from the U. of Illinois that I found once in a library sale, "The American Music Group Vol.2-Temperance Music" containing music taken from various temperance magazines from 1878-1915. No booklet of words with it, mind you, but it contains 24 selections with titles like "Tell Mother I'll Vote Dry", "Lillie Of The Snow-Storm", "Wine Is A Mocker", "Bibles And Beer" and "The Dead March Of The Saloon", and I'll be willing to run off tapes for however many might want to lead or participate in a workshop on the subject. More than enough stuff to augment your existing supply of hymns, country weepers and Sally Army ditties with their attendant parodies, and plenty of ammunition for an hour's workshop. PM me if interested, and I'll run some off and send them out at no cost for any who would wish to exploit the situation rather than merely lament it.


...Hey! Maybe even a 12-Step Workshop--"Songs Of Bill (ab)Staines"?