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Posted By: northfolk/al cholger
19-Jan-00 - 06:38 PM
Thread Name: BS?: Who do you want to be today ?
Subject: RE: BS?: Who do you want to be today ?
Maybe my take on this is wrought from a recent bad experience, but every day that I get up I want to be myself. I originally posted with the ID northfolk, but felt that may be disingenuous, because I regularly conveyed what I considered politically serious messages, and wanted no question raised about how deeply I stood for those positions, so I added my name to my pseudonym.

Recently I became the victim of identity theft. It has not made me (too) bitter, nor has it increased my cynicism,or diminished my faith in my fellow human beings, (other than I would dearly love to have thirty minutes in a room with the thief, so that he could fully come to appreciate my (6'5", 235 lb.) magesterial presence....) I know that we don't always know who we are communicating with, online, but I hope this current thing goes away!