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Posted By: Chip2447
25-Jan-06 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: Meaning and origin of Hamm's Bear
Subject: RE: Meaning and origin of Hamm's Bear
Hamm's was the beer dad always had around, and thus my first foray into beer.

"Hey Chip, all we have is cheap beer."

To which my reply is "I grew up on Hamm's, (with and occassional Olympia, Stag and Coors tossed in) I can drink anything."

Fortunaly, as I have grown older I have refined my palate, now its the BEAST that winds up being the beer I drink. LOL...

Although, the local Mirobrewery's oil change stout is pretty tasty. Gimme a Guinness or a Bass any day.

Chip2447 (whose life changed when he found out that "American" beers weren't the only brews out there.)