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Posted By: Fibula Mattock
28-Jan-06 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: Loughstock 4-score (N. Irish meet)
Subject: RE: Loughstock 4-score (N. Irish meet)
Eric, you will be missed. I was hoping to hear - and learn - that rude song you do ("which one?", sez he). You make sure Freja hits the big time and looks after you in your old and decrepit age!
It's a pity there's people wot can't make it. Who the hell is going to lead us in Sarf Australia if the fragrant lard meister ain't there either?

My mates from Bristol will have to dress up as the missing Catters. They're already slightly bemused because when they phoned the hostel they were given the names of a pile of people they'd never heard of before. They don't quite know what to expect, except for my long-suffering beloved who has been to Portaferry and has been made to set dance, and has been subjected to entire mp3 players full of fiddle tunes. I'm suprised he's agreed to go!