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Posted By: Amos
30-Jan-06 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
POsitronium!! I always thought it should exist, and now it does!!!

The best study of the rare "atom" consisting
of two electrons and one positron is being reported. Positronium
(abbreviated Ps) is a very "clean" two-body object: it consists of
an electron and a positron which after about 150 nanoseconds
annihilate each other. For studying the theory of quantum
electrodynamics (QED), Ps is in some ways better even than the
hydrogen atom: with pointlike constituents and with no complicating
nuclear forces (the size of the proton and its own internal
structure interject uncertainties into QED estimates of H behavior),
Ps is a simpler, albeit fragile, quantum system. An even more
fragile "atom" is the tripartite object consisting of two electrons
and one positron. Ps-, as it is known, is less suitable for QED
studies than Ps, but has the great virtue of being the simplest
three-body system in physics.

Yaaaaay for positronium, the optimistic atom!!

When a sufficient amount of it is gathered in one place, guess what happens? A condition of critical levity ensues which makes any person within n+r^3 meters^2 of the center of effect feel delightfully happy and start laughing.