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Posted By: Old Guy
02-Feb-06 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: KatrinaGate
Subject: RE: BS: KatrinaGate...
Well first the state and local governments have to be overwhelmed.

I suppose if they sit on ther asses and screw everything up from the getgo, they are overwhelmed in your opinion.

How about that big cut and paste of 28 Jan 06 - 12:44 PM containingg facts you don't want anybody to see?

It tells how state and local officials pissed away money for the levees on other stuff and they could not match federal money for the levees. It is gross incompetence in financial matters. I guess they were "overwhelmed".

In your opinion incompetent = overwhelmed which means the Feds have to do everything for them like taking care of a retard.