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02-Feb-06 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pretty Polly?
Subject: RE: Pretty Polly?
I used to sing a version that had eighteen verses but I can't remember them all and it's been pared down to this (based mostly on the Stanley Brothers version but tweaked a bit from other sources). Sing the first line twice and then the third line once:

"Polly, pretty Polly, come and go along with me,
Polly, pretty Polly, come and go along with me,
Before we get married, some pleasure to see."

Led her over mountains and valleys so deep . . .
Polly mistrusted him and then began to weep.

"Willie, oh, Willie, I'm afraid of your ways, . . .
The way you been rambling, gonna lead me astray."

"Polly, pretty Polly, your guess is about right . . .
I dug on your grave the biggest part of last night."

Led her on further and what did she spy?
But a newly-dug grave with a spade lying by.

She knelt down before him, a-pleading for her life,
"Let me go rejected if I cannot be your wife."

"Polly, pretty Polly, that never can be,
Your past reputation's been trouble to me."

Stabbed her through the breast and her heart's blood did flow,
And into the grave pretty Polly did go.

Threw some dirt o'er her and started for home,
Leaving no-one behind but the wild birds to mourn.

They met him on the mountain and carried him to jail,
No friends nor relations would go on his bail.

Sitting in the jail cell and what did he say?
"I killed pretty Polly, been trying to get away."