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Posted By: Charley Noble
06-Feb-06 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Execution by tying fish on head+bird
Subject: RE: Folklore: Execution by tying fish on head+bird
Well, Joy, I'm glad you're pleased with the harvest from this thread and I'm proud that in a small way I have helped.

But you have raised a serious questions, with regard to archane punishment in remote communities. I mind the time when I was growing up in our fishing village on Georgetown Island on the rockbound coast of Maine. When I was deemed old enough to assimulate a hard life's lesson, I witnessed a chronic malpractioner being wrapped up in lobster warp (manila line used to haul up lobster traps), a couple of ballast stones being tied to his ankles, and a buoy attached, the whole shooting match being heaved into the cove. After a suitable period the body was hauled up, with lobsters and crabs hanging on to various parts. The "take" was then stripped off and the body was set again in the cove.

I learned my lesson and never subsequently strayed from the straight and narrow, and have led a model if modest life.

Charley Noble