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Posted By: JohnInKansas
06-Feb-06 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Finale v Sibelius
Subject: RE: Finale v Sibelius
The last time I looked, some months ago, both Finale and Sibelius had the ability to "scan in" from printed music. In both cases the "recognizer" program (like an OCR) was an add-on, but could be purchased as part of a package with the program.

Of course the adverts give glowing accounts of how successful the scans are, but user reports at other sites give a less impressive report. They are "pretty good," if you've got clean prints (or image files) of the source pages, but as with OCR programs you'll find quite a bit of manual "tweaking" needed if the original pages are "less than prime."

Both programs are capable of similarly complex scoring, and both have fairly steep learning curves. Those who learn one are naturally reluctant to discard their hard-earned skills to use the other. Sibelius seems to have a slight edge, based on recommendations from "professional users;" but it's hard to imagine a 'catter needing all the bells and whistle in either of them.

Both programs are extortionately priced unless you qualify for an educational discount. (A bit like the hospital that settles for 30% if Medicare is paying, 35% if a major insurer is covering the bill, but charges 100% to the uninsured.)

Unless you actually need all the horsepower, there are certainly cheaper and fully adequate programs for most uses. The difficulty is that either of these programs offer "everything you might need" and with smaller/cheaper programs you have to figure out what you need and which program is the best fit to your requirements.