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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
06-Feb-06 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: Finale v Sibelius
Subject: RE: Finale v Sibelius
If you do a search on the programs in question (I haven't, this is general information) you'll find that there are online sites that will sell at academic discounts if the proper id is presented. You may need to have a student-type or teacher-type person assist you with the purchase. Other software that usually comes in boxes with instructions (like Microsoft stuff, FrontPage is one I recently researched) can also be purchased at an extreme discount if you can live without the fancy packaging. You pay $200 or more for the commercial program in the box, but if you buy a disk alone, an OEM disk leftover from building computers, you can get it for a song (pardon the pun!). Maybe 10 to 25% of the full price. It depends on how available this software is, if it falls into that category. And as with the boxed software, you can go to the web site for the company and update the software to its most up-to-date within that particular version.

It is worth visiting places like ZD net and other review sites. They often have links to places that sell the software.