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Posted By: Alan of Australia
21-Jan-00 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Devil and the Ploughman
From the Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs, Ed Pellow's rendition of the tune of The Devil And The Ploughman (Child #278) can be found here.


Sung by H. Burstow, Horsham, Sussex (R.V.W. I903)

There was an old farmer in Sussex did dwell, (whistle)
And he'd a bad wife as many knew well,
To my fal-de-ral little law-day.

The Devil he came to the old man at plough, (whistle)
Saying. 'One of your family I must have now.

'Now it isn't for you nor yet for your son, (whistle)
But that scolding old wife as you've got at home.'

'Oh take her, oh take her with all of my heart, (whistle)
And I wish she and you may never more part.'

So the devil he took the old wife on his back, (whistle)
And lugged her along like a pedlar's pack.

He trudged along till he reached his front gate, (whistle)
Says: 'Here, take in an old Sussex chap's mate.'

There was thirteen imps all dancing in chains; (whistle)
She up with her pattens and beat out their brains.

Two more little devils jumped over the wall, (whistle)
Saying: 'Turn her out, father, she'll murder us all.'

So he bundled her up on his back amain, (whistle)
And to her old husband he took her again.

'I've been a tormentor the whole of my life, (whistle)
But I was never tormented till I met your wife.'

And now to conclude and make an end, (whistle)
You see that the women is worse than the men,
If they got sent to Hell, they get kicked back again,
To my fal-de-ral little law-day.

Other versions can be found in the DT by searching for #278

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Alan ^^