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Posted By: greg stephens
13-Feb-06 - 06:57 PM
Thread Name: Reg Hall
Subject: RE: Reg Hall
The book about Scan Tester "I never played to many posh dances" was a classic act of respect to a folk musician: I think it was written by Reg Hall to go with a Topic record of Scan tester's music. Not sure if the book is online, or if you need to buy the record..which you should.
Dead right, Herga Kitty. The Voice of the People series will be inspiring people for years.
    I picked out the "English Country Music" record as the best thing he'd done: it was also the worst, or least the title was. Totally distorted a generations view of what traditional English music was like. Now, if only he'd called it "English home counties music", or "English music you can easily get to ansd record if you're setting out from London and in a bit of a hurry", it would have been great! That title caused people over the country to play in a way which bore little or no relation to how people played where they lived. Funny old business, folk music.