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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
14-Feb-06 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Let Union Be In All Our Hearts - Grange?
Subject: RE: Origins: Tu ra lie do
See also

Let Union be in all our Hearts (DT file, which adds, without evidence, "It was originally a grange song and the original chorus was:

Let union be in all our farms,
Let all our farms be joined as one."

Comments of that sort are worthless without detail. What is a "grange song"? How did Maddy De Leon, whoever she might be, know what the "original" chorus was?

Usually, those "toora loora" things mean nothing at all. There will always be someone who insists that they are really garbled Gaelic, but that is all too often just wishful thinking based on ignorance. At all events, this doesn't look like any sort of Irish song. It's a pity that the original contributors had no useful information to give. Jim Mageean is from Newcastle (England), I think; you should be able to track him down and ask where he got the song.