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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
14-Feb-06 - 08:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Let Union Be In All Our Hearts - Grange?
Subject: RE: Origins: Tu ra lie do
In that case, I apologise for my comment; the implied criticism was directed at the DT for its omission of any indication as to who Maddy is, and what basis her comments might have; it was not intended in any way to denigrate her. I expressed myself badly, and ought to have been more careful. I did run a search through google before posting, but didn't find anything helpful.

I expect that the DT file dates back to the days before the whole thing went international; at that time everybody probably knew who everybody was, and it didn't seem necessary to specify. Nowadays the lack of that information can easily lead to confusion or misunderstandings.

More information on the Grange would be welcome; I had proceeded from the assumption made by the original poster, and was thinking mostly in terms of possible Irish connections, which presumably are not an issue here.