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Thread Name: Lyr Req: If We Did to Their Daughters (C Tawney)
Subject: ADD: If We Did To Their Daughters - Tawney
If We Did To Their Daughters
(Cyril Tawney)

They're gnawin' at the moorland and they're nibblin' at the shore
There's scarce a week goes by without they've cornered something more
It seems they've heard the proverb and they're taking its advice
If a loaf's already cut who's going to miss another slice

If we did to their daughters what they're doing to our land
Every barricade in Bumbledom would bloomin' soon be manned
And every dad in Whitehall would come marching gun in hand
If we did to their daughters what they're doing to our land

Some men catch (????????) you with a line and some men with a snare
But others do their poaching from a leather covered chair
The gamekeeper is on their side likewise the legal men
And the squire he shrugs his shoulders in the halls of Number 10

Make a mark upon that map, we mustn't be delayed
And pass across that rubber stamp there's progress to be made
To hell with those petitions, we've no time to read 'em all
Just pack 'em up and stack 'em in the toilet down the hall

There's twenty miles of shoreline in the town where I was born
But I won't walk around it 'til the willow bears a thorn
They've left us scarce a quarter where a man can wander free
Yes, there's water, water everywhere but not for you and me

The wealth of Britain seems to need a smoke infested sky
You can't have gold without the grime has always been the cry
But I once met a country chap who opened up my eyes
The piggery's just as clean, he said, as him who tends the sty

When our children come to curse us won't we all deserve our share
If we leave them with a legacy of diesel laden air
Don't pass your rucksacks on to them, they'll have nowhere to hike
And they'll put on our old videos just to see what trees were like