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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
22-Jan-00 - 07:47 PM
Thread Name: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
Subject: RE: Sonny Bono Copyright Extension
T-You don't have your name back--I got mine, having had a problem similar to yours, by changing the spacing, punctuation, etc, til the system recognized it--Joe helped me on this, and I'll bet he can help you, too!!

Thanks for posting this stuff--it is so important for people to know about and begin understanding this stuff--Whether people understand how it is being done or not, a lot of money is being made, at their expense, and not always in ways that are fair--

I am not one to deny Parrish his royalties, but there are other issues here, and until everyone concerned understands what the situation is, and has voice for their interests, it is definitely unfair--

I live a few miles from the District (as Washington DC is euphemistically called, hereabouts) and intend to begin making visits of my own--Though they get a lot of mail, most legislators get relatively few visitors--I also intend to start calling on the geeks who do the grunt work on these laws (you don't actually believe that your congressperson sits down and actually writes legislation, do you?) and passing along some information--it would be good to have some collaborators though--