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Posted By: Scoville
17-Feb-06 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Spanish Ladies
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords Req: Spanish ladies
Which one? The "Spanish Ladies" I know is a fiddle tune that is very similar to "Mo Ghile Mear" (or however you spell that--apologies on the spot to everyone out there that actually knows Gaelic). It's in a totally MAJOR key but I've never heard any words. That doesn't mean it doesn't have any words, it just means that, if it does, I haven't heard them.

I'm not sure I remember the exact chords offhand and I don't have a guitar with me here at work, but I know I learned it in D major and the chords were something to the effect of:

D D G A   (repeat)

D D G A (repeat)

It ended on a hanging "A" chord instead of going back to D like a proper-well behaved tune. It also had sort of a stiff rhythm, like it was probably a march at one time that got sped up into what passed for a reel.

It might be played in other keys, too. I learned it on Appalachian dulcimer and we learned EVERYTHING in D, and the fiddlers I played with later also played it in D, but I don't know if that's universal or not.