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Posted By: lloyd61
23-Jan-00 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: Leaving Mudcat too
Subject: RE: Leaving Mudcat too
This has raised a few interesting questions. (1) How do I have my same name on my Lap-Top. (2) When I turn 62, in a few months, can I just reset my cookie?

Mike...Life is not simple any more. Now we have to watch our Cookies, of course that has always been the case for us guys. I'm going to up on my protective jock when I access this site. One more thought Mike, This has the makings for a great song.

Maybe it could be something like.... I've been kicked in the cookies and striped my name.

This World Wide Wed is going to drive me insane.

I can't HTML, I can't even spelll

This World Wide Web must have been invented in Hell.

I sit here at night for hours untold

This World Wide Web has captured my soul

I've lost my identity I am on longer me,

The World Wide Web will be the death of me.