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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
21-Feb-06 - 12:52 PM
Thread Name: Your First song
Subject: Your First song
Reading the thread about a first song made me wonder what other songwriter's first song was. My first one was a doo-wop song back in the late 50's... Foam Rubber Dice. I don't remember any of the words anymore, except the melody for the bass singing "Foam rubber dice."

I still occasional do one of the earliest songs I wrote back in the early 60's:


Well, I come back home on a Saturday night
And I opened the door and turned on the light
There stands the old lady with a rollin' pin
She says "You're drunk, and you can't come in"
Well I work all week and when the week is done
The weekend comes I want to have my fun
And I'd rather drunk on a Saturday night
Than stay home and fight with my wife

Aw, come on honey, be nice I said
It's three o'clock I want to go to bed
And if you be nice and you let me in
I swear to God I won't drink again
Well she didn't believe a word I said
She lands me a crack on the side of the head
Ans she sends me a flyin' out through the door
She say's "don't you come back no more"

Well about that time I was getting sore
I grabbed the handle, give a shove on the door
And I sends the old lady flying for a spin
I walked through the door with a great big grin
Now get in the kitchen, and get there fast
The next word you say is going to be your last
And the next time you try to kick me around
I'm going to put you underground

She was standing in the kitchen, didn't say a word
And About that time I began to lose my nerve
Her eyes light up and her face gets red
And I began to regret what I said
She blacked my eyes and she bust my jaw
She dragged me across the bedroom floor
And she kicked me underneath the bed
And she left me there for dead

Now if you got a woman and she does you wrong
You're short and skinny and she's big and strong
Makes no difference what they say
You better let her have her way
When You're down at the bar you can flap your chin
But when you get back home you better tiptoe in
And if she meets you at the door you better treat her nice
That's a drunkard's last advice... be nice
That's a drunkard's last advice.

Written when I was about 27, wasn't married and had never been drunk..