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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
21-Feb-06 - 05:07 PM
Thread Name: Your First song
Subject: RE: Your First song
Okay, I'll play. I wrote this thirty years ago and I haven't sung it in years, but I still remember the words.

A little background... I'd only been playing guitar for about a year. My best friend, who had pretty much taught me what I knew on guitar to that point had moved several states away. He came home for a visit, we stayed up the whole night playing music and I wrote this a few days later.


Sing to me your song my friend, and I'll sing one of mine
Tell me about the times you've had, and the friends you've left behind
What is it you've been doing, what roads have you been down
Sit with me and talk a while, it's good you're back in town

Well, it's good to see your face again, my friend
I don't yet know where you're going, but I'll be there when you reach the end
Yes, it's good to see your face again, my friend
Though I know come early morning you'll be on that road again

Well things have sure been different since you've been gone away
And it sure is good to have you back if only for today
Now do one more thing for me before you move along
Please pick up that old guitar and play just one more song


Well I see the sun is rising, and it's time for you to go
Just think about me now and then if you're ever feeling low
'Cause you know when I start feeling down I always think of you
And the times we'll have together next time you're passing through