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Posted By: GUEST,Art Thieme
21-Feb-06 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: Beautiful write-up on Art Thieme
Subject: RE: Beautiful write-up on Art Thieme
Friends, I truly am thankful for the amazing creative lot of you! Phil, Mick, Kat, Azizi, Pat, Joe, Dick, Mark, Jerry----all 'o you. (I've even actually met some of you!! Will wonders never cease.) A few I know well. Others, just on the phone---and floating here in cyberspace with you. Thank you for puttin' up with me...and to Sandy and Caroline for puttin' me in their stable --- and Jerry for actually puttin' me up in his wondrous museum there in Stamford. I met a ghost there one night; he gave me a song--and a pun. Both are on the 1998 CD...

Jerry will tell you, I don't know what to make of this kind of tribute stuff. Just know I do appreciate it, and I truly wish I could tell Steve Goodman, and Del Bray, and Paul Durst, and Kate Wolf, and Freddy Holstein, and Bob Gibson, and Bill Chipman, and Arvella Gray and Lee O.B. Quiggins some of the things you've laid on my person of late. I didn't do much to deserve it I don't think. --- I only put one foot and one gig in front of the other through all the years. I sang into thin air and, alchemically, somehow, turned those miles into the rent. I'm glad and grateful you took to some of it. ----- Just know this: Once I saw that the songs were a way to time-travel through history, I was hooked! -----------As Buddy Mondlock said in my favorite song of his, there was "No Choice."

--- Thanks for going on part of the Grail hunt with me. To some it probably looked like tilting at windmills, and some of it definitely was that. But a singer once said I might find some answers in those gusty zephyrs-----even if them roads were often too hot & dusty-stormy to see our way real clearly.

I'm done. It's gettin' late and tomorrow is a busy day. I go on like this when I'm too tired and, actually, too moved by all you good people to respond coherently. Consider this one man's try at saying THANKS!