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Posted By: Jeanie
22-Feb-06 - 04:29 AM
Thread Name: Your First song
Subject: RE: Your First song
My first song, written in my late teens, was definitely not in the least bit poetic. It was written in honour of a now long-gone (and then dying) "breed" - the lavatory attendants, who used to sit all day in their little room in the under-ground public toilets, polishing, washing the floors, chatting to the "customers". They often had a very well-fed and pampered cat. In those days you paid penny in the slot to use the loo. [For Americans: "spend a penny" = go to the toilet/bathroom (loo)"] Euston Station had just had a grand opening of its "Super Loo", the first in the country, which cost a lot more to use, but did NOT have a full-time attendant. Lavatory attendants could see that their days were numbered.

Sung to a "diddly diddly" Irish tune, but with a Cockney London accent:

Oh, me name is Elsie Watkins, and I come from Bethnal Green,
And I keep the best convenience that you have ever seen,
If you're down at Stratford Market and you've got some change to spare,
Come and see me in the High Street, 'cos you'll always find me there.
Just go down the street and down the steps and through the little door,
And join the queue of customers who're coming back for more,
When it comes round to your turn just put your penny in the slot,
Just one P, no V.A.T., to spend a penny.

Well, I paid ten pence at Euston just to SEE the Superloo,
And I told the Station Master what he really ought to do
Is go down to Stratford Market, see the value that I give,
The inflation at the station is just not the way to live,
Cos I clean the tiles and basins, give the floor a daily scrub,
And I'm always in attendance: never sneak off down the pub,
And the seat is polished personally before you take your pew,
Just one P, no V.A.T., to spend a penny !
Just one P, no V.A.T., to spend a penny !

At the time, I was having to read the likes of Sartre, Brecht and so on for my studies, so writing this kind of nonsense was my escape route !

- jeanie