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Posted By: stallion
22-Feb-06 - 05:02 AM
Thread Name: Your First song
Subject: RE: Your First song
don't do tunes but i wrote, to the tune of "new york girls" before the iraqi fiasco

It was said in texas a couple of years ago
Were running out of oil me boys
There's no more down belo-o-ow

chorus (between each verse)

And awa-y you liar
the worlds great periah
stuff the war it's against the law
the french will use the veto

The oil barons said to Bush, we must search far and wide
So In your tanks and planes me boys
Lets go for a ri-ide
Well they holidayed in Grenada by way of Panama
Then on to Bosnia Afghan,
And Bogota-a
They didn't find any oil there, they were in a state
Bush says never mind me boys
There's plenty in Kuwa-ait
They were good and ready with the mighty dollar in hand
To bribe the politicians
and buy up all the land
Well Saddam beat 'em to it, and for it he shall pay
were going to march on in there
And give him his judgement day
They got the Un sanction to cut bite and bleed
So they could march on in there
and satisfy there greed
With Blairs promise of Blo-ood tears sweat and toil
And Bush's promise of glory
and free Iaqi oil
It's the politicians, we are not to blame
but when they march on in there
It'll be done in our name

And awa-y you liar the worlds great periah
Stuff the war it's against the law
Don't you know I'm a voter?