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Posted By: Rapparee
23-Feb-06 - 11:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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Sayid and Dunne are dead wrong.

The phrase was originally "Nyt proscusky, nyt likyina." It came from the Aacr people of Ural Mountains and was gathered in by English (not British) folksaying collectors in the late 16th Century -- Lord Ashram's group from Trinity College, to be exact.

They translated it incorrectly. "Nyt proscusky" means "no middle body bulge" ("Nyt" = "No, nothing, absence of"; "prosc" = "bulge, salient"; and "uskyor" ="middle, stomach, gut") and it was translated rather exactly.

"Nyt likyina" on the other hand literally means "No likyina." The likyina, now extinct, was a wolverine-like creature that stood two or more meters high at the shoulder and lived (like so many humans) to fight, eat, and reproduce. Because it was so active year-round it needed high-calorie food and nice, plump Aacrs were its favorite dish.

Thus, the original was a warning not to get to fat or the likyina would eat you.

The mistranslation probably came about because those not raised in the Aacrian language often mishear "likyina" as "sbrotha", which means "want, desire, lack of". The mishearing comes about because of the similarities in Aacrian between fricatives and sibilants and the "clicking sound" made by elderly Aacrs with ill-fitting dentures.