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Posted By: Ella who is Sooze
28-Feb-06 - 02:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: saying bye bye to a pet
Subject: RE: BS: saying bye bye to a pet
You really miss your pets when they are gone, but there's usually a lot of fine memories too.

I miss my old bagpuss of a cat, I had him when I was 5 and he died when I was 25. By the time I was 24 he'd used up nearly all his 9 lives, had 1 eye, and was the grumpiest, funniest ould man going. He continued his distrust and hatred of all men (except my dad) by chasing any unsuspecting specimens out of the garden. Then, saying all this, I could hold him like a baby, tickle his chin as much as i liked. I was distraught when he died, it was awful, and since then I've lost 2 others, both almost as bad as the first.

I sometimes wonder why we do it to ourselves, but the companionship, pure trust, love, loyalty and fun they give back is all I have to say, they are so rewarding to be with.

I wouldn't want to be without a pet, someone who's always around to talk to and cheer you up.