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Posted By: radriano
25-Jan-00 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Help requested for ABC notation
Subject: RE: Help requested for ABC notation
I played with the notation for My Irish Jaunting Car and noticed that there were some other problems with the posting.

Here's what the notation should look like to draw properly:

T:My Irish Jaunting Car
BAF DDE|FG3G2|G/2A/2B2GGA|Bc2BA2|d/2c/2B2GD2|
Bc2BA2|d/2c/2B2GDB,|C3C2B,/2C/2|D2D DB,D|G2A BBB|
AFD DEF|G3G2B|B2G GAB|c2BA2d/2c/2|B2GD2B,|C3C2B,/2C/2|
D2D DB,D|G2A BAB|c2AF2D|G4||

Note the spacing in the third measure. Spaces in ABC notation make all the difference for correct drawing of the tune. It would seem that the system used to translate these postings into ABC lumped all the notes in each measure together, thereby eliminating those all important spaces.

Perhaps we can come up with some method for testing these automatic translations so that postings are accurate. I'd be happy to offer my services towards this goal although I obviously need to learn ABC notation a little better myself.

My thanks to everyone for their input.