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28-Feb-06 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Subject: RE: BS: zodiac/star signs.. do you believe?
Extract from above:

Season of birth is known to be associated with several psychiatric and neurological disorders
(Torrey, Miller, Rawlings, & Yolken, 1997, 2000), including schizophrenia (Davies, Welham,
Chant, Torrey, & McGrath, 2003; McGrath & Welham, 1999; Tochigi, Okazaki, Kato, & Sasaki,
2004), epilepsy (Procopio & Marriott, 1998) and brain tumors (Brenner et al., 2004). The most
striking and well-documented empirical observation is an excess of winter–spring borns among
persons with schizophrenia as compared to those in the general population, both in the Northern
hemisphere (Davies et al., 2003) and in the Southern hemisphere (McGrath & Welham, 1999).

PS I am NOT an astrology believer, just pointing out that season of birth is associated with other factors, which may have been the starting point for astrology, in trying to explain these differences.