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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
02-Mar-06 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Good lines/ bad song
Subject: Good lines/ bad song
This is a companion piece to Alan's "Wincers" thread. The flip side... lines we've written that we really like in songs that turn out to be less than memorable (or wincers, in themselves.)

A few I've written that come to mind:

(Mind you, these are not necessarily brilliant lines, but the lines remain even though the song is long forgotten.)

"Sombody told me that time was my friend"
"The difference between a bum and a good man is like the line on the beach between water and sand."

And a whole chorus of a song I had forgotten all about, that I came across on a tape the other day:

"What can you do when the last song is played
And the band is all packed up and ready to leave?
Just turn out the light, and bid them goodnight
And say a prayer for the sailors at sea."

One of the radio commentators during the second World War used to close his broadcast saying a prayer for the sailors at sea> I don't remember who...

Sometimes good lines live on long after the song is forgotten. (Or at least memorable ones; as "good" is in the ear of the behearer.)