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Posted By: gnu
02-Mar-06 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Subject: RE: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Flak? Can't see what for. Just because some superstar from a few thousand miles away parachutes in from his private jet to mouth off about something he hasn't got a clue about?

Oh, golly gosh darnit! I forgot to mention. He needs enough money to put food on the table for those 4000 sealers and their families. A Paultry (yup) Cdn$17M should do it. Please be sure to add about 5% on your post-dated cheques for future years to cover cost of living increases.

Like I said, I am neither for nor against the seal hunt. I just want Paul and the rest of the crew to be safe so they can get back on their jets and have their servants bring them some freshly farmed salmon and champagne. After all, do you really want Ringo talking about the tragic clubbing of Paul on Oprah, and Leno, and Leterman, and....