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Posted By: gnu
02-Mar-06 - 06:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Subject: RE: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Well, well, well... just watched the evening news. Watched a grown man and woman laying three feet behind a baby seal while a camera crew lay in front of it, blocking it's escape. I heard it cry. Cruel way to treat a poor helpless animal.

And, after listening to the ATV reporter who talked to his nibbs, it is evident Paul knows little about the seals or the seal hunt. Trying to conserve a population that has tripled in the past thirty years to well over six million? Ecotourism will put food on the tables of the sealers? Strange that a man worth $2B isn't better informed.

That's right... $2B. I hope he tipped the chopper pilot well.

I wonder if he will accept the Newfoundland Premier's invitation to discuss the hunt?

I wonder if Sir Paul and those filmed today will be charged for breaking the law? It appears he is ignorant of the laws of Canada regarding the harassment of wild animals.

Lass... Paul doesn't eat salmon? That's good because there are hardly any left. Perhaps we could get them to pet a salmon for the camera? Nor did I see any bear-baiting or foot-binding on the news today. Don't know anything about it. And, it appears you don't know anything about the seal hunt. I hope you sent Paul a few bucks... with only $2B in his pocket, I'm sure he could use it.