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Posted By: gnu
02-Mar-06 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Subject: RE: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
I was at a lovely supper in the Codroy Valley of Newfondland about ten years ago. A dozen dinner guests, including the elderly lady from next door, Mary. She was in her early nineties, dressed in Sunday best, and ever so gracious for being invited out. Delicious meal, tasty wines, after dinner drinks, great conversation.

Lew and George were discussing the decline in salmon. I described my theory that the spawning grounds in New Brunswick had been destroyed by the forest industry clear cutting too close to the waters, such that the ground water retention was absent, resulting in runoff silting up the gravel beds, depriving the salmon eggs of shelter from birds and fish and also depriving them of oxygen.

In the fleeting moment of silent reflection and thought that followed, Mary, who hard hardly spoken a word, added, "Yis, b'y. And them fucking seals eats what's left."