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Posted By: gnomad
03-Mar-06 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Subject: RE: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Perhaps we could recycle all our dead people as food (human/animal, your choice).

This would save energy used for cremations, and while I know the statesiders have lots of room, we west pond-siders are rapidly running out of space for graves.

The animal lovers could show how much they mean it by setting an example.

The extreme animal lovers could volunteer to be eaten alive by big predators.

We could sell tickets, TV rights, build a big arena.

Bigger prices for celebrity extinction by carnivore.

Now we're cooking, anyone know SirP's agent's number?

Matron? Not the nasty jacket again? The needle as well? Just when I was on a roll and about to make a mint.

But just to be serious a moment, I have no problem with "celebs" or anyone else expressing their views. They should, however, be properly researched views if they expect anyone to take notice.
They should also consider the environmental cost of how they express those views, unnecessary transatlantic flights & press choppers does not strike me as particularly responsible behaviour.