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Posted By: alanabit
03-Mar-06 - 08:40 AM
Thread Name: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: BS: Gary Glitter
From: gnomad - PM
Date: 03 Mar 06 - 07:52 AM

"Rereading some of the earlier posts I note that there is concern over chance that the "wrong person" might be beaten up or worse. This implies that there is a "right person" for such treatment. Sorry, can't agree; there is a right subject for due legal process, and punishment if justified, but no right victim for mob violence. I am aware that if sufficiently angered I would be quite capable of joining a mob, that doesn't make it a laudable, or even a decent, thing to do.

That is what ought to elevate humankind above the animals, though if animals make moral judgements I reckon many would have cause to look down on us."