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Posted By: Janie
03-Mar-06 - 09:11 AM
Thread Name: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: More Noteworthy Mudcat Quotations
Subject: RE: BS: God! Do you believe ? Which one ?
From: Paul Burke - PM
Date: 03 Mar 06 - 03:45 AM

Except that you can have meanings with different scopes. The view that the universe is essentially meaningless- big bang to big crunch, or evaporation- doesn't preclude local meanings over a humanly comprehensible time span. I happen to think that it's people and cultures that create these meanings, and that we have to work for them, rather than that they are given by some external force.

So a life of otherwise dull routine and poverty interspersed with pointless tragedy can be given rich meaning by the human care for parents, children and neighbours, and by the mutually generated culture that they share. This is purely spiritual- but it doesn't require the existence of any spirits.