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Posted By: gnu
03-Mar-06 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Subject: RE: BS: Sir Paul & the seals
Oooohhh, Danny b'y, the lads, the lads, are calling youuuuuu. From floe to floe, to rip Paul a new arsehooooole...

... on Larry King Live, CNN, tonight at 22:00h AST. Sir Paul versus Danny Williams. I don't think Paul knows what he's in for.

I recall about twenty years ago, I stopped at a gas station near Flat Bay. While the rather small fellah that owned the station was gassing up two motorcycles, his two wee lads of about six or seven, began trying to get up on one of shiny, monster Hogs, un-noticed by their father. A huge, burly Hell's Angel came out of the station and let out a roar.

The wee lads vanished in a cloud of dust. Before the owner could say a word, the biker let go a torrent of "pissed off", interjected with the odd profanity. At the end, he turned kitty corner, pointed to his colours and asked something like, "Don't you know who we are?"

The Newf asked, "No. Who might ye be?"

Astonished, the biker said, "That's the colors of the Hell's Angels and about three hundred of us just got off the ferry."

The Newf paused, and asked, "Do you know who I am?"

Biker, with disdain, "Who the fuck are you?"

Newf, slowly, and seriously, "Well, I, sir, am a Newfoundlander. There's about six hundred thousand of us on this Island. How the fuck are ye gettin off it?"

The biker look stunned for about two seconds, and took to laughing. He gave the owner a hundred dollar tip, U.S.

The bikers left and the owner started pumping my gas. He gave me a nod and a wink and said, "Tree 'undred of 'em, eh b'y. I 'ope dey all stops 'ere."

Apparently, that biker had a bit more sense than Saint Paul.