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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
05-Mar-06 - 06:45 PM
Thread Name: Making an angel harp
Subject: RE: Making an angel harp
Kaleea - I assume that D42 fully understands the retuning needed for the conversion, which seems to consist of removing the chord bars and, I assume, treating it more like a lyre or zither (or whatever?).
The query is what is done about the respray job.

Painting around the pins - there will be two different sets of pins. One is the place the fixed end of the strings are attached. These may be fixed in a way which makes removal difficult or they might simply be held firm by the pressure of the wire which they support. The other end is the tuning pin, which is likely to be threaded and screws directly into the wood. These can be removed.
If a fixed pin will not shift, the best solution would be wrap an adhesive tape (sellotape in UK, durex in OZ, I believe - no clue in US or Canada) around each pin to protect it from paint. Mind you, supporting pins could be painted as long as the paint did not actually interfere with the job the pin does (it probably will not cause a problem unless the paint is applied too thickly where the wires make contact. The threaded tuning pins are a slightly different matter. You don't want the thread clogged with paint. You could screw them in and paint above the thread, but paint would likely be removed eventually by the tuning key. Removing the tuning pins is probably a better option.