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Posted By: JohnInKansas
06-Mar-06 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: Making an angel harp
Subject: RE: Making an angel harp
Foolestroupe -

The usual repair for such out-of-round holes is to plug the hole and drill a new hole. Since the existing hole isn't round, it's nearly impossible to make a plug fit, so you get a nice hard (maple?) dowel a bit bigger than the maximum of the existing hole, very carefully drill a straight hole to match the plug dowel, and insert the dowel with a good glue. When the glue is thoroughly dry (or completely set if you use a two-part glue) you trim the plug down flush and drill a new pin-sized hole.

It's nearly impossible to "hand drill" a hole as accurate as you want, so a drill press is recommended for both the plug-bore drilling and the new pin hole(s) drilling.

You may want to touch up finish around the plug/pinhole.

Some "fancy" instruments, maybe even autoharps, come with threaded bushings held in with nuts, to hold the friction pins, and this may be what was meant by the "threaded pins" mentioned above; but I haven't seen anything of this sort specifically for autoharp pins. If available, they might be easier to install, but searching for something when you're not sure it exists can be frustrating, and often fruitless. You never find what you're looking for until just after you've finished the job the hard way.