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26-Jan-00 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Subject: RE: REQ: Native Amer Songs
Larry - I'm in MAryland, near DC. I don't think we have any reservations around here, but I'll check the BIA website. Being near DC, I could go to the National Archives, but with 2 small children to care for, it's just easier to get stuff off the web during naptime than to go to the library. Maybe in 18 years I'll have the time to do that again!

T. - I don't know what tribe the speaker is from, but I will ask. I've already asked if she would like to recommend some songs - haven't heard back. Yes, less than two weeks is not enough time to come up with something truly authentic. Thus, I'm looking for "appropriate" and not offensive. For example, our choir once did a song called I Walk in Beauty that was based on a native american song. I believe I've also heard native american songs sung as rounds at song circles (there's one in RUS). I'm hesitant to mangle a foreign language, so songs in english that are based on native american writings or songs or themes would probably be the safest bet. Any suggestions? You mentioned that some songs and hymns have circulated among native americans - can you give me some examples, in additiona to "amazing grace"?

Too bad this speaker was a last-minute replacement for our regular minister, it would have been fun spending months planning this....