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Posted By: fiddler
07-Mar-06 - 04:31 AM
Thread Name: Difference in fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Difference in fiddle bows?
Gawd, You can't turn an art into a skill or an engineering project!

An old time fiddler uses a very loose bow and rarely lets the stick (the wooden bit) touch the strings, they get a particular sound this way which goes with the music.

A Cape Breton / AKA Scottish fiddler will use a very tight bow and because of the higher level of attack (some would say agressive playing but that is not true) will often find the stick touching the hairs when playing, again this gives a particular sound to the music.

Classical however, where many of us hail form originally have a whole different set of parameters and look for a much smoother more rounded sound accross the spectrum and range of notes and pieces.

some fiddlers hold the bow well up the stick others in a more classical style over the frog.

I could go on, I could get angry you cannot define art in engineering terms, a bow and its use is art in the same way that Van Gough could not and would not paint like vermeer but both used brishes and pallette knives!

Lets get real and appreciate the art of the Luthier and the art of the player. I like Sorch but |I also like my carbon fibre bows, she's a good fiddler (on the roof too!) but loves her wooden bow.